1. Dismissal
  2. Try to solve the problem
  3. Follow up
  4. No improvement?
  5. Discussion Meeting
  6. Last resort - dismissal
  7. After the dismissal - lawsuit...?


#205 A notice of dismissal should never come as a surprise to an employee. The goal must always be to make the employment relationship work. In order to avoid conflict in connection with dismissals, it is important that the process prior to the dismissal has been correct. If the employee’s execution of his/her work (after the expiry of the trial period) has developed in such a way that it does not meet reasonable expectations, one may, as a last resort, dismiss the employee. Before reaching this point, however, one has to go through a comprehensive process.

  • Try to solve the problem
  • Follow up
  • No improvement?
  • Discussion Meeting
  • Last resort - dismissal
  • After the dismissal - lawsuit? 
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