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Read guides and articles about subjects that employers in Norway should have knowledge about.

  1. Downsizing – selection among employees

    When an enterprise has made a decision to reduce the staff, the question of which employees are to be considered for dismissal arises. A selection based on more specific criteria must be made.

  2. Basis for temporary employment

    The Working Environment Act specifies six different grounds for temporary employment. In this article they are reviewed chronologically, from A to F

  3. Dismissal during the trial period

    The trial period allows the employer to assess how well the employee is suited for his/her work, as well as the employee’s professional skill and reliability.

The purpose of this guide is to enable you to implement staff reductions in your enterprise in a correct manner.

In some cases it turns out after some time that an employee on sick leave will probably not be able to work again, at least not in his/her current position.

When the enterprise is not able to employ the employee in a financially sound way, and the situation is of a temporary nature, the employee may be laid off for a period of time. In this guide the rules relating to lay-off are reviewed step by step.

When may the enterprise use hired workers to cover the need for labour? This guide gives you all the information you need to hire labour lawfully.

Risk assessment is an important basis in the systematic HSE work. Here we present some points that businesses should include in a risk assessment, along with links to relevant templates and tools. The work must be adapted to the needs and conditions of the individual company.

Getting started with HSE work

It is well established that a good working environment has a positive impact on both productivity and profitability. In addition, legislation stipulates certain requirements for which measures, activities and documentation a business must have in place when it comes to HSE.

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The HSE and Staff handbooks are also available in English