Hiring of labour

Closeup on a businessman working together with his team.

When may the enterprise use hired workers to cover the need for labour? In most cases enterprises may choose to hire workers instead of using temporary appointments. This, however, does not apply to all the grounds specified in the Act. The rules also differ between hiring from temporary-work agencies and hiring from enterprises other than temporary-work agencies whose object is not primarily to hire out labour.

  1. When may workers be hired and when must they be appointed? 

  1. When may I hire from a temporary-work agency? 

  1. When may I hire from another production enterprise? 

  1. May I hire a foreign employee? 

  1. Contracting out the work instead of hiring? 

  1. What rights do the employees’ elected representatives have? The duty of consultations. 

  1. What duties do I have when hiring labour from a temporary-work agency? 

  1. Additional duties 

  1. Pay level – what is the principle of equal treatment? 

  1. How is a hiring relationship terminated?