Lay offs

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When the enterprise is not able to employ the employee in a financially sound way, and the situation is deemed to be temporary, the employee may be laid off temporarily. Lay-offs entail that employees are released from their duties and that the employer’s obligations are limited to only paying wages for a limited period of time. The conditions for lay-offs are not statutory, but outlined in the Basic Agreement. The provisions also apply to enterprises not bound by the Basic Agreement. This guide presents the rules relating to lay-offs step by step.

In this guide the rules relating to lay-off are reviewed step by step.

  • Step 1: Am I even permitted to lay off anyone at all?
  • Step 2: Find out who to lay off
  • Step 3: How long may lay-offs last, and what are the options for partial lay-offs?
  • Step 4: Consult shop stewards
  • Step 5: Notify NAV
  • Step 6: Issue notice
  • Step 7: This is what you have to pay
  • Step 8: Lay-offs have been implemented — what now?

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