Downsizing – selection among employees

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When an enterprise has made a decision to reduce the staff, the question of which employees are to be considered for dismissal arises. A selection based on more specific criteria must be made.

The basic criterion for any dismissal is that it must be objective. This is laid down in the Working Environment Act Section 15-7, where it is stated that dismissals must be «objectively justified on the basis of circumstances relating to the undertaking», which is an absolute requirement when dismissal of an employee is considered. In order to make an objective selection in connection with downsizing, the group within which the staff reductions shall take place must be defined, as well as the criteria by which the employees are going to be considered.

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  • Objectively limited selection group 
  • Objective selection criteria
  • Calculation of seniority 
  • Competence should be documented 
  • Assessment of other appropriate work

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