1. Downsizing
  2. Foundation in the board or some other competent body
  3. Discussions with the employees’ elected representatives
  4. Special rules for collective redundancies and major enterprises
  5. Decision on staff reductions
  6. Information to the employees
  7. Discussion meetings with individual employees
  8. Dismissals
  9. After the dismissal


This guide deals with staff reductions due to circumstances concerning the employer, such as reduced sales, new technology, changed influx of orders or other changed needs. The purpose of the guide is to enable you to implement staff reductions in your enterprise in a correct manner and thus minimize the risk of resource-demanding conflicts with employees who are dismissed.

The staff reduction process includes the following steps

The process described below is a general guide that must be adapted to the special needs of the individual enterprise.  The question of whether objective justification exists for dismissing employees due to downscaling is regulated by the Working Environment Act Section 15-7. 

You can read more about the following necessary steps:
  • Foundation in the board or some other competent body  
  • Discussions with the employees’ elected representatives 
  • Special rules for collective redundancies and major enterprises 
  • Decision on staff reductions
  • Information to the employees 
  • Individual discussion meetings
  • Dismissals 
  • After the dismissal 
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